Welcome to the ImpulseRadar family

ImpulseRadar Family

Welcome to the ImpulseRadar family

Well almost, we are missing just one product but more on that later. On the left we have the popular PinPointR, this radar has proven popular for utility contractors with realtime sampling and true dual frequency antennas. The Raptor 45 Road system makes mapping large areas simple and quickly with the Condor software you can eliminates long post processing times and instantly see services in the new OspreyView. The unit on the right is the Raptor 80 Cart. This system is a great system for tight spaces. The 800 MHz antennas offer superior shallow image detail while still be able to penetrate deep enough for our standard utilities.

Both Raptor 45 and Raptor 80 are a generation ahead of the current mapping systems offering realtime sampling for superior image quality. Both systems have flexible platforms to convert the systems for various projects. This eliminates purchasing multiple systems for the projects you may come across. The platform allows you to change the antenna from a road to cart system.

The final unit available not in the photo is the dedicated crossover GPR systems. These offer the flexibility of specific antenna frequencies to suit particular job sites. From utility detection to Archaeological sites.

For more info click on the link below and select the system that best suits your needs