UT9000 the smart way to become Telstra compliant

UT9000 the smart way to become Telstra compliant

The UT9000 is our flagship locator from Sewerin, offers some very smart features for the professional operator wanting all the bells and whistles. As a general locator it performs extremely well and is equal to the RD8100 while offering a stronger well thought out housing and latest advances in LCD technology for excellent sunlight readability.

The graphic interface is one of the easiest to use with a combined left right guidance and cable direction always displayed and the traditional PEAK & NULL modes. Power Passive also has the ability to change harmonics with 50 -450 Hz frequencies available to the operator.

The unit is extremely flexible with the ability to connect to the internet with there easy to use program interface to add frequencies (up to 70) and run diagnostics. The transmitter to receiver communications are simple to operate for convenience and allow selection of frequencies and power along with  information on signal quality of the transmitter. Options include a detachable transponder antenna to locate all the standard frequencies including the Telstra transponders,  making both the receiver and transponder attachment Telstra compliant. The benefit of having a seperate transponder foot is it reduces complexity of the machine and as you rarely use this function in the field reduces the weight reducing fatigue on your arms . Other options include a A-Frame for Fault diagnosis, Bluetooth dongle for the Trimble Geo Explorer systems for accurate mapping abilities.

This makes the UT9000 a very flexible machine for all professionals from surveying to general location

Training is a key part to purchasing this type of instrument and Access Detection offer a comprehensive training package for this locator. Available in either a 5 watt or 12 watt system