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Special deals, ex-demo, superseded stock, trade-ins and refurbished equipment you can pick up a real deal here. Scroll down the page to see all the current specials.

Rycom 8873 Cable avoidance locator

  • This is a great deal on our cheapest Pipe & Cable Locator, at the moment we are including the 100mm induction clamp saving you $499.00 ex GST. This is a great locator that really outperforms standard cable locators like the Cat4 & S Scope and comes with a 2 year warranty as standard. Once you try this unit over standard cable avoidance tools you will never go back to these units. Light weight, bigger display more accurate locating are just some of the features of our entry level machine. Click here for more info
Pipe & Cable Avoidance Locator Kit

Low Cost & safe cable Locating

Rycom Pathfinder PRO V1 

  • The Pathfinder PRO our professional range of Pipe & Cable Detectors offers performance similar to more expensive locators from RadioDetection & SubSite.  Don’t believe us try it you will be pleasantly surprised with how well this performs agains our competitors. We have several PATHFINDER PRO (Includes the Lithium Ion Batteries) in the series 1 (V1) left to make, This will make way for the Series 2 (V2) being released in 2019. These are great prices making so called high end locators well overpriced.  If you require further information please email us at sales@accessdetection.com.au or fill out the form below. Don’t forget to add a comment on the model you are enquiring about.



Rycom Pathfinder PRO

Rycoms Professional Pipe & Cable locator.

Sewerin UtiliTrac R130 pipe & cable locator MUST CLEAR (RIDICULOUS PRICE)

The Sewerin R130 is an ideal unit for Plumbers or infrequent locator operators. It is one of the simplest units to use for basic pipe location and has a 10-watt transmitter in which the receiver sits neatly into so is quite a compact unit. The unit has been ex-display and has not been used in the field and is like new it has a brand new Lithium Ion battery and comes with a 100mm clamp and direct connecting leads all unused. You can save up to $3,000 off the list price but this only comes with a one-month warranty. Don’t miss out on this absolute bargain. Email sales@accessdetection.com.au or fill out the form below for pricing on this very special deal. MAKE US AN OFFER

UT R130 Rx & Tx Kit

Sewerin UT9000 5 watt Professional Pipe Locator MUST CLEAR (CLEARANCE PRICE)

We have one UT9000 5-watt unit as we only be bringing in the 12-watt from now on. This unit has all the features of the 12-watt with slightly less power. It has Receiver to Transmitter Com’s, Bluetooth and many other features including to ability to have up to 70 Frequencies (if your game).  We need two clear this unit so no reasonable offer will be refused. These units retail fro $8,000 – $9,000 but as mentioned we must clear the last one. email sales@accessdetection.com.au or fill out the form below for pricing on this very special deal. MAKE US AN OFFER. We will be offering 3 month warranty on this unit and selling as ex Demo (It has not been used) What a great time to grab a bargain

UT9000 side view Kit

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