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Rycom ClampMitter V1.0 (33,65,131 kHz version)

This is our last ClampMitter V1.0 left. We are clearing this at an incredible price. If you haven’t already seen the benefits of the ClampMitter then you are missing out on such a versatile product. Email Sales@accessdetection.com.au


Rycom Clampmitter kit box

Rycom Clampmitter complete kit




(only one demo unit left on this shipment at the special price)

We are offering super special on the first shipment of the new Rycom SnapTRACK PRO. You will be blown away with the features that come standard and performance that makes far more expensive locators feel overpriced. Price per performance you cannot beat the new SnapTRACK MPTX. This is a 5 watt rail compliant MPTX transmitter.

SnapTrack 5 watt MPTX




This is a very underrated locator. While Rycom Instruments don’t have the same  brand recognition as Radiodetection here in Australia their product performs extremely well. In fact we match RD8100 performance on par and in some cases exceed it. The Pathfinder Pro V2 is a good alternative to RD and we have some fantastic prices and is also backed by a 4 year warranty. Email sales@accessdetection.com.au or fill out the form below for pricing on this very special deal

Rycom Pathfinder Series 2 (V2)

Rycom Pathfinder Series 2 (V2)


Sewerin UtiliTrac R120/130 pipe & cable locator MUST CLEAR (RIDICULOUS PRICE)

The Sewerin R130 is an ideal unit for Plumbers or infrequent locator operators. It is one of the simplest units to use for basic pipe location and has a 10-watt transmitter in which the receiver sits neatly into so is quite a compact unit. The unit has been ex-display and has not been used in the field and is like new it comes with a 100mm clamp and direct connecting leads all unused. You can save up to $3,000 off the list price but this only comes with a one-month warranty. Don’t miss out on this absolute bargain. Email sales@accessdetection.com.au or fill out the form below for pricing on this very special deal. MAKE US AN OFFER

UT R130 Rx & Tx Kit



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