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All SOLD new (V3.0)model now available


WE ARE CLEARING THE LAST REMAINING STOCK TO MAKE WAY FOR THE NEW SERIES 3 (V3)This is a very underrated pipe & cable locator. While Rycom Instruments don’t have the same  brand recognition as Radiodetection here in Australia their product performs extremely well. The Pathfinder Pro V2.5 is a good alternative to RD and we have some fantastic prices and is also backed by a 2 year warranty. Email sales@accessdetection.com.au or fill out the form below for pricing on this very special deal, you will not be disappointed in the price. If you would like the best value professional pipe & cable locator call today.

Rycom Pathfinder Series 2 (V2)

Rycom Pathfinder Series 2.5 (V2.5)


Talk to us about trading up to the new PinPointR GPR, or grab a bargain We trade old GPR’s

We regularly have trade units with such a great demand for the PinPointR.  If you would like to update to the latest in GPR design please give us a call. If you would also like to grab a bargain contact us as we have some units coming in soon like the one pictured below.

NOTE: We had to remove the image below as a GPR company did not like us having photo of their GPR on our Website as a trade in. This is a company I had great respect for but as they have threaten us legally if we had an image of the GPR on our website or mentioned the product we would face legal action. So we have had to remove it.




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