Aquaphon A50 Water Leak Detector

Aquaphon A50 Water Leak Detector

Aquaphon A50 Water Leak Detector

Sewerin’s NEW Aquaphon A50 Water Leak Detector

We are eagerly awaiting our shipment  in the coming months of this new instrument. The Aquaphon A50 water leak detector builds on the existing A100 by adding the latest electronics in a more compact housing while still retaining the performance that the A100 has in its years as the industry leader. The A50 is definitely not a model below the existing A100 and will be interesting to see if Sewerin end up replacing this unit with the A100.

Some of the new features are from feedback from our professional customers who do leak detection for a living. The new F8 Cordless headphones add to the existing sewerin SDR system offering cable free listening.

If you have ever used High-Quality cordless headphones you will never go back to corded versions.

The difference between standalone cordless headphones and the Sewerin F8 are the quality of its electronics in reducing noise normally associated with cheaper cordless headphones.

The A50 Receiver is another advancement we have been keen to see with its new display and energy efficiency you can know locate for days without having to recharge the unit. The system fits in a traditional case or for those that are strapped for space can also be fitted into the new back-back.

The receiver graphic interface has a large enough screen to utilise functional features for filtering, noise level bar and battery level in the unit and headphones. The receiver can either be clipped onto a belt or by having the traditional carry strap.