Sewerin Release Aquaphon A150 Acoustic Leak Detector

Aquaphon A150 Domestic plumbers Kit

Sewerin Release Aquaphon A150 Acoustic Leak Detector

This is a significant release for Sewerin, The Aquaphon A150 needed to perform equal to if not better than the A100, the unit that it will eventually replace. The Sewerin Aquaphon EW/A100 has been around in one form or another for over 15 years. I remember when I first started in the industry 18 years ago it had just been released. The success of the Aquaphon EW/A100 in Australia as a trusted leak detector for professional operators in proving its quality, reliability and its ability to work on even small leaks or leaks on poly pipes is unsurpassed. So the NEW Aquaphon A150 has massive shoes to fill.

After preliminary testing on our leak detection field and getting some of our regular Sewerin users to test the system I can advise the A150 is more than a worthy successor to the A100 and has made improvements in the area of acoustic leak detection fro professional operators. The new compact housing is lightweight and uses an efficient Lithium battery technology that offers hours of use compared to the A100, it has a large easy to read display that includes last leak memories for two readings one more than the A100. It has the same flexibility in adjusting full filter ranges but can constantly scan frequencies to offer optimum ranges a step up from the A100 scan mode. It comes with trusted Sewerin F8 Cordless headphones (with the option of corded headphones for old school operators). So has improved on an already great leak detector.

Although similar in looks to the Aquaphon A50, It has more advanced electronics to take advantage of the latest corded microphone technology. Yes the microphone has cords and this is what differentiates the Aquaphon A200 and the Aquaphon A150. So I’m am pleased to announce this product and confident that it is a great alternative to the older Aquaphon A100.

The units are similar in price to the Aquaphon A100 so good news for our customers. The first few demo system are in the field as we speak and we can now take orders for our customers. We will be adding the kits to the website over the next week with more information so any enquiries before then can be taken by our leak detection representatives.