Sewerin’s NEW Aquaphon A200 acoustic water leak detectors

Sewerin’s NEW Aquaphon A200 acoustic water leak detectors

Sewerin have long been apart of Australia’s Professional Leak Detection industry. The original Aquaphon MemoTec  started it all 30 odd years ago with its trusted and reliable acoustic performance and advanced features for its time. the system was used  by both water authorities and professional leak detectors. Advance another 15 years and Sewerin did it again with the EW series which further improved on microphone technology and filtering with its advanced DSP technology making it not only easy to use but extremely reliable. these systems are still be used to day and the current A100 is testament to its performance.

Sewerin introduced the new Aquaphon A200 series, So what have Sewerin done to improve on the design and performance of acoustic technology. The first thing you will notice is the Quality IP68 rated housing with new colour touchscreen. The new interface has made the whole leak locate simpler.

With handy features like instant filtering through the full range, Microphone selection, logging of leak noise sounds for future listening and new cordless microphone and headphone technology removing cables and matching noise suppression of corded version.

So what does this mean for the operator? Clearer results, no cables to break and get in the way further reducing distracting noise, giving the operator better results on smaller leaks on a much easier to use interface.

Training is supplied by all of our professional dealers who are more technical orientated than sales orientated. So this means that you will have the training, support and success to establish a leak detection business.