Rycom SnapTRACK family is now complete

Rycom SnapTRACK family is now complete

With the release of the new Lithium Ion power 3 Watt LPTX and  Series 2 SnapTRACK PROS we now have all the bases covered. From cable avoidance to value professional locators.

Rycom’s SnapTRACK Standard (S) 3 Watt Tx, starts our entry level cable avoidance tool/locator.

The SnapTRACK S uses standard Alkaline batteries and is setup for simplicity of use. Ideal for locators that don’t use a cable & pipe locator regularly. An easy to use cable avoidance locator, probably the simplest on the market. Having a large display with automatic depth makes locating simpler along with it affordable price. Ideal construction, fencing, councils water authorities. It is available as standard kit with direct connect leads making it the best value pipe & cable locator. Or you can purchase the full kit with included 100mm induction clamp. Although the unit is setup for easy pipe & cable location, frequencies and modes can be added to comply with Telstra & DBYD compliance. This makes the SnapTRAC S a flexible platform and future proof.

Rycom’s SnapTRACK Professional (PRO v2) with new LPTX 3 watt transmitter now comes standard with Lithium Ion batteries

This is a brand new transmitter from Rycom. For example the housing is more compact design, this was done by removing the inbuilt induction antenna. By doing this they have been able to design a seperate purpose built induction antenna. Therefore allowing better performance when doing blind search techniques. The housing is also tougher with rubberised surrounds and allows a higher level of water resistance.

This new transmitter unit compliments the new SnapTRACK PRO (V2) receiver

With new functions and revised electronics to take further advantage of the new antenna design. For the customer this means better performance even in demanding locates.

In conclusion the new SnapTRACK S & PRO range offers the best value for money pipe and cable locators without compromising performance or functionality.