Rycom Clampmitter


It’s not often than you can call a product revolutionary but Rycom have hit the spot with this innovative little product. We have kept this product under wraps for a while for two reasons. Availability of units for Australia knowing that this unit would be popular. Wanting to test the unit with a few locate companies for some feedback on operations. 

Let’s start with a little bit of history as this is a fantastic product that will actually assist many locators in the field to improve their workflow. Around 18 months ago when at Rycoms headquarters I was shown this unusual looking clamp which had bits hanging off it. When It was demonstrated I could not get my head around how it worked due to its size, like many of our customers who have since see the unit work, most thought it was remotely powered by the transmitter a bit like a remote clamp, I was completely wrong.  

Fast forward to today and we have a fully functional Combined 100mm clamp and an inbuilt transmitter in a compact housing that performs better than our 5-watt transmitters. The CLAMPMITTER was the final product name which is quite catchy. 

So, what makes it innovative? Fitting a transmitter that has the power output of a 7+ watt transmitter that can run all day on a rechargeable battery is no easy task. I could go one with lots of marketing hype, but it is in the field when using the new Rycom CLAMPMITTER that operators will really appreciate how good this thing is. 

Imagine opening up a pit clamping around a cable activating the CLAMPMITTER on the desired frequency, closing the pit and locating the utility that you have just connected to. No need to place barriers around the pit set up a transmitter and position your transmitter in a safe place that the public wont trip over. Your CLAMMITTER is securely in the pit so no one can steal it. Your workflow increases as you don’t have to worry about carrying the transmitter the clamp and the barriers which means multiple trips if working alone. Continually having to set your barriers up at each pit can also be very time consuming. The inbuilt Lithium battery easily lasts the whole day without the need to recharge. 

You can also use it alongside your current transmitter, imagine having the ability to transmit on one cable with your normal transmitter and then using the ClampMitter on a second cable on a different frequency, “how good is that”. Not to mention that you also have a backup transmitter in case your normal transmitter stops working for any reason. A fast workflow is always good for a locator and the ClampMitter makes this possible.

A special note: I have also been asked the question that you can’t direct connect using the clamp. Well yes you can but you need a special trick to do this which we will show you when you purchase. If you own a Rycom, Radiodetection or any other brand you can most likely use the CLAMPMITTER with your receiver. It works on the standard industry frequencies of 33, 65 & 83 kHz. 82 kHz if you own a Rycom

The kit comes with a charger but any apple iPad or android charger which has a micro USB to standard USB cable is all that is needed to charge the unit.

With well over 2000 units sold in the US since its release late in 2018 you can understand why we quietly sold them for the stock we could get. We now have ample stock available to our customers. If you are not using this product you are really doing yourself a disfavour as a locator.

See what some of our recent customers have said about the new Rycom CLAMPMITTER. 

Paul from Locators who teams have been using the unit’s infield for around 3 months 

“Using a CLAMPMITTER will make your regular transmitter predominantly a back up

“The CLAMPMITTER are standard equipment for all our team now”

“CLAMPMITTER make every day locating an easier task, mad if you don’t have one”

Ian from lambert Locations who has also been using the CLAMPMITTER for 3 months

“the CLAMPMITTER is the best product to come out of the industry for a long time” “Better than sliced bread” 

There are many other locating organisations already using the CLAMPMITTER. So, what are you waiting for give us a call and place and order for a unit/s today. We will be offering special loyalty discounts for our Rycom customers and discounts for multiple purchases to other customers. 

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