Rycom Pathfinder Series Pipe & Cable Locator

Rycom Pathfinder PRO

Rycom Pathfinder Series Pipe & Cable Locator

Rycom Pathfinder Series Pipe & cable Locator is Rycom Instruments Best locator to date. Access Detection has been working with rycom instruments to improve performance and usability and this effort has paid off. The Pathfinder offers a very flexible platform for operators in all categories of industry whether it be the power, telecommunications, gas or water industries. No need to purchase a specific model as the Pathfinder series can be, set up to suit a specific industry category. If you work in the Power industry all the Pathfinder units come with passive power harmonics to locate those unusual signals associated with power circuits in those congested areas. If you locate in the telecommunications category then having the higher frequencies used for small poor far end earth conditions normally associated with this industry.

Over the past 18 months, we have been working behind the scenes to create an extremely competitive professional pipe & locator. Rycom Pathfinder PRO has focused on hardware performance areas like antennas critical when locating those harder signals in a wide variety of frequency ranges. They bypassed adding systems like GPS as this is not widely used due to the inaccuracy of the cheaper GPS systems that are inbuilt in locators offering these.

The unit is available in three different models to suit your budget and requirements, some of the new features throughout the series are a large easy to read screen which gives you the ability add or remove functions you don’t require. The PRO+ adds PathLink, the receiver to transmitter coms allowing the operator to control transmitter power and frequency selection from the receiver. All models have the vibration handle that vibrates when across the top of the service, handy in noisy environments. In 2018 the Transmitter will have some minor updates with a new screen and it will also have improved induction modes.

With 40 units already being utilised in Australia and New Zealand, we have ordered extra stock and are offering some introductory specials on the Rycom Pathfinder this includes the bonus lithium-ion recharge packs.

We have a little more info in our article in Trenchless Australia click on the button below and skip to page 70 our add is also on page 25


For some introductory specials call or email us for some pricing.