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VARIOTEC VT460 Professional Tracer Gas

The VarioTec VT460 Professional Tracer Gas kit

The VT460 is our professional unit designed for demanding leaks internally or externally. With the use of the industry standard Hydrogen/Nitrogen tracer gas leaks can be found quickly and accurately even in noisy environments. VT460 Dual sensor technology has fast reaction times and less issues with sensor poising or waiting for the sensor to clear after a large concentration. It has an inbuilt pump and comes standard with all the probes required to get you job done quickly and effectively.


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  • High performance Dual sensor design aiding in quick reaction times
  • Large LCD screen display with simple intuitive display
  • Superior Low sensitivity below 1PPM for difficult small leaks
  • Volume % sensor for large concentration of gas
  • Settings for indoors outdoors bar holes
  • Hand Probe, Cone Probe, Surface Probe all included in kit
  • Optional carpet probe for external long distance leak detection
  • Hard case included to house all the Sewerin probes
  • Recommended for leak detection specialists
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