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Aquaphon A150 Professional Plumbers Kit

  • Sewerins latest mid-tier professional leak detector
  • Compact efficient design with the latest Lithium battery technology
  • Last up to three times longer than the A100
  • Quality DSP receiver with high brightness display
  • Full adjustable filtering along with handy scan mode
  • Uses the Advanced A200 microphones with the corded TS150 handle
  • F8 Cordless headphones Belt clip and shoulder harness included
  • Heavy duty hard carry case holds all the optional microphones
  • Optional microphones available


PLEASE NOTE: Images on the left show components in the kit

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Sewerin Germany has released the Aquaphon A150 Professional Plumbers Kit. The Aquaphon Professional Plumber’s Kits are the ideal water leak detectors for plumbers who wish to move into leak detection professionally. The A150 comes in a new compact housing which is similar to the Aquaphon A50. This is where the similarity finishes over the Aquaphon A50 Domestic Plumbers Kit. The internal electronics are more advanced to take advantage of the advanced microphone system which is used on the Aquaphon A200 Professional Plumbers Kit.  

The Aquaphon A150 Professional Plumbers Kit offers the Professional user a purpose built kit for the domestic & Commercial plumbers market.

The system is lightweight has a belt clip and carry strap, a Lithium battery which lasts up to three times longer than the Aquaphon A100 Domestic Plumbers Kit. The bright LCD display is easy to read and offers the same amount of information as the Aquaphon A100. It has three noise memory functions which assist operators in honing in on the leak. The menu system allows quick changes to functions on the A150  to suit individual operator’s requirements.

The Aquaphon A150 offers full filtering adjustment through the complete water leak detection range,

Professional leak locators will love the ability to adjust filtering when using compressed air or nitrogen resulting in the detection of those demanding leaks. Set filter ranges don’t offer the same flexibility. The A150 also makes use of a frequency scan feature, resulting in better detection abilities for less experienced users. All these function asset the operator in getting the best results.

The UM200 is a highly sensitive compact microphone with a high dynamic frequency range. Extremely flexible, it can be used as a ground or contact microphone with the included accessories. The UM200 is small enough to use in confined areas like showers and under benches, therefore offering more contact points to listen too for the professional user.

The Aquaphon A150 Professional Plumbers Kit also comes with the dedicated BM200 hard surface ground microphone and TS150 Corded handle. The BM200 ground microphone is the same  used in the Aquaphon A200 Professional Plumbers Kit and is a superb ground microphone. The BM200 ground microphone is most importantly a step up from the previous B04 used in the A100 Professional Plumbers Kit.

Therefore, the BM200 Hard Surface Microphone allows you to detect more leaks in concrete, tiled or asphalt environments.

Most importantly the BM200 is a completely sealed unit and can be used in wet areas. The BM200 has a floating microphone that focuses on a single point of contact unlike cheaper units that using resonating plates. Its ability to pinpoint and reduce outside noise is one of the strengths of this microphone.

The Aquaphon A150 Professional  plumbers kit comes with a heavy duty hard carry case to protect your valuable equipment. This case is big enough to house any of the optional microphones as you expand the range and your business.

The A150 is an ideal water leak detectors for plumbers wanting to move into leak detection and expand their business. It is great for water authorities or councils wanting a quality leak detector. Users can also purchase other dedicated microphones kit which opens up even more versatility for professional leak detectors.

Training is an important factor when purchasing a water leak detector.

A good quality leak detector with highly sensitive microphones is just one part of the equation. Our experienced dealers have a minimum of 10 years experience in the leak detection industry, you are assured of getting the right advice and training when you purchase. We offer our customers the ability to train at our Sydney Training centre teaching new operators the right techniques to good leak detection. This will result in a more successful business when moving into the field of water leak detection.


PLEASE NOTE: The A150 video and brochure may contain optional microphones