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Rycom ClampmitterAC DC Adaptor
Rycom Clampmitter kit box
Rycom Clampmitter
AC DC Adaptor


Revolutionary Clamp that makes locating services even easier.


  • 100 mm Induction clamp with inbuilt transmitter
  • Powerful compact transmitter circuit with high output power
  • Convenient all in one solution for locating cables in pits
  • No more cords/cables that get in the way
  • Powerful Lithium Ion battery lasts all day
  • High Power modes for longer trace distance
  • Three industry standard Frequencies available


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RYCOM CLAMPMITTER a transmitter in a clamp. When we first laid eyes on the and used it in the field we knew Rycom was on a winner. Revolutionary is a bold term but one you can use with this innovative product. After showing the capabilities to a few customers they ended up purchasing multiple units.

The Rycom CLAMPMITTER is one of those products that sell itself once a customer uses it infield.

The CLAMPMITTER comes with a powerful inbuilt transmitter. Comparing this to our standard seven watt transmitter it equals the performance. I still can’t get over how such a compact device can output such a good signal on a cable.

To understand Rycom’s Clampmitter, think of it as a standard Clamp with a built in transmitter. No cables no bulky transmitters

Imagine opening pit connecting the CLAMPMITTER closing the pit and starting to locate. Barriers could be a thing of the past when using the Rycom CLAMPMITTER. Your clamp is secure in the pit so less chance of it being stolen. Consider how much better your workflow would be removing the need to set up barriers. What about having the ability to locate two seperate cables at once. Use your regular transmitter on one cable and the CLAMPMITTER on another.

you could even use the Rycom Clampmitter as a back up transmitter

What about direct connection? Well we have a special easy trick to convert the CLAMPMITTER into a direct connect transmitter. How good is that?

Available in three different industry standard frequencies used by most brand of locators. the CLAMPMITTER is an Economical way of having second transmitter and clamp. The CLAMPMITTER has enough battery power to run all day on its inbuilt lithium battery.

A handy charger is included, but any iPad/tablet style charger will do. You could an even purchase a low cost in car charger, to charge on the go. Rycom CLAMPMITTER A Transmitter in a Clamp, a simple product that is must have for any locator in the field.


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