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Rycom 8873 Receiver
Pipe & Cable Avoidance Locator Kit
Rycom 8873 Receiver

Rycom 8873 Pipe & Cable Avoidance Locator Kit

$2,999.00 $2,499.00 Ex gst

  • Low cost, simple to use Pipe & Cable Locator
  • Simple PEAK location with left-right guidance assist
  • High-performance Passive Power & Radio (RF) Modes
  • Cable orientation with Automatic Depth
  • 33 kHz Standard & 131 kHz High-Frequency mode
  • 512, 640 Hz and 33 kHz Sonde/Camera Frequencies
  • Class-Leading 3 watt high Powered Transmitter
  • Transmitter display to indicate signal quality
  • Included Bag, Direct Connecting leads & Earth-stake
  • Perfect for Water Authorities, plumbers or Councils
  • OPTIONAL 100mm Clamp available


NOTE: This is not a Telstra compliant locator

Images indicate what is included in the Kit

Pipe & Cable Avoidance Locators or as the industry describes as cable avoidance tools are a low cost and effective easy way of locating services. The 8873 Pipe & Cable Avoidance Locator replaces our popular CAP V3+, heavily used by water industries and councils. It competes with the CAT & GENNY, C Scope style Pipe & Cable locators but gives an even easier to use interface and display.

What makes the Rycom 8873 Pipe & Cable Detector one of the simplest units to use especially for infrequent users?

Not only does it use the traditional PEAK method of locating which is used by a majority of Pipe & Cable avoidance Locators like the popular CAT4, C Scope. Rycoms 8873 uses additional features to simplify operations further. Features like left-right guidance arrows to assist in directing you to the service more easily. Cable orientation taking further guesswork away from locating by showing you the direction of the service you are tracing. Automatic Depth, which is displayed when close to the service. You can even determine if the signal is clean or distorted by observing the signals strength and arrows together. No other cable avoidance locator comes even close to these features.

The Standard 3 watt transmitter is the most powerful transmitter in this class of pipe locator. It is at least 2 watts more than most of our competitors. Extra power allows the operator to push stronger signals out onto a service, important when locating larger pipes. The Rycom 8873 Pipe & Cable Detector is backed by a two-year warranty. You can add the optional 100mm Induction Clamp allows you to easily connect to Power and Telecommunication Cables.

The Rycom 8873 Pipe & Cable Avoidance Locator is extremely competitive

Therefore it is one of the cheapest and most affordable pipe & cable locators on the market today. The Rycom 8873 cable avoidance locator kit completes our range in every price segment of the market. consequently, we can offer special discounts with multiple purchases.  Customers have the option to attend our comprehensive training sessions. We can arrange this onsite, or at our training centre, call for further details and pricing. We will be offering videos for our customers on the basic use of the machine so stay tuned for these.

Rycom’s 8873 is not a Telstra/DBYD compliant locator. When required to locate Telstra’s infrastructure you should become accredited and use a compliant locator. The Rycom 8869 S¬†or Rycom 8869 PRO are good choices as a low-cost alternative for a Telstra/DBYD compliant locator. A requirement for your DBYD assessment.





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