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Rycom 8869 S transmitter
Rycom 8869 S Pipe and Cable Locator
Rycom 8869 S transmitter

Rycom 8869 S Pipe & Cable Locator

Rycom 8869 S Pipe & Cable locator,

  • Replaces the Popular Rycom CAP V3+
  • Rycoms most affordable professional pipe & cable
  • Ideal for Councils, NBN contractors and Water Authorities
  • Pinpoint PEAK for quick accurate results
  • LEFT -><- RIGHT Guidance mode for ease of locating
  • PEAK & NULL Modes for professional locator
  • DBYD/ TELSTRA compliant locator
  • Strong three-watt transmitter
  • Includes Direct connecting leads & Earth Stake
  • Includes 100 mm induction clamp
  • Includes carry bag
  • Handy Options available

Rycom 8869 S Pipe & Cable Locator,

The Rycom 8869 S Pipe & cable Locator is rycoms most affordable professional pipe & cable locator. By using the current tried and tested receiver and transmitter housing Rycom has improved the internal electronics which has improved response and further software revisions have improved gain control making this the best version yet and replacing the ever popular Rycom CAP V3+.

With changes to the Requirements for Telstra and the DBYD certification and listening to our valuable customers, we have done further changes to software to accommodate these new rules. The flexibility of this system brings cable avoidance locator ease while offering the modes required for professional operators. The Primary modes offer a simple LEFT -><- RIGHT guidance mode allowing new or infrequent operators an easy way to detect utilities in non-congested areas. The Pinpoint PEAK mode is extremely responsive and assists the operator to obtain an accurate position of the pipe or cable while keeping it simple. The Secondary modes add Single PEAK and NULL modes for a more accurate result along with frequencies in the low, medium and high range which

make this unit fully Telstra & DBYD compliant.

Designed specifically for Access Detection and the Australian market the Rycom 8869 S Pipe & Cable locator provides a flexible platform which is the key to the locator’s popularity. By separating the two locating modes a novice or infrequent users can utilise the simpler modes while still retaining a level of accuracy similar to a cable avoidance tools (CAT) used currently.

More experienced operators can open the full potential of the

8869 S Pipe & Cable Locator by switching to the secondary modes by a simple push of the mode button, which can open up the PEAK & NULL along with current measurement which is commonly used by professional locators.

Training is also something that we feel is important when operating these locators, demonstration videos although fine for showing the features of a machine don’t really show you how to locate, giving you a locator to try is another big mistake as you will never realise the potential of your pipe & cable locator.  We offer a comprehensive training course with our 8869 and above range so your operators are shown a simple process that can be used so they are more confident locating services. Contact us for further details or an information brochure.



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