PinPointR GPR from ImpulseRadar

PinPointR GPR from Impulse Radar

PinPointR GPR from ImpulseRadar

We are proud to be the new distributor for ImpulseRADAR in Australia and New Zealand. The new PinPointR ground penetrating radar was released at No Dig down under & NULCA conference. It was well received by professional locators looking at the benefits of the unit which has been nicknamed the green machine.

This unit is what we have been waiting for in the market of Ground Penetrating Radar. It ticks all the boxes in Utility Detection for professional operators.

Using a dual channel, dual frequency antenna array covering 800 & 400 MHZ  being well suited for our soil conditions here in Australia. This along with real time sampling gives the operator a clearer cleaner image from those smaller more difficult targets.

Other advantage include an extremely light weight cart(less than 20 kg)for ease of transport and lifting in and out of vehicles. An Android based interface used for acquisition allowing flexibility of displays. you can use anything from a large screen smart phone to a common 10 inch Android tablet. .

The whole system is truly orientated to Utility Detection and needs to be seen to really appreciate its value. We have extended the show special due to such a huge success so call for details if you would like the price but this is a for a limited time only. If you are in the market for a Utility detection GPR then give us a call.