Origo Corporation: Release the new G3 Phase ID

Origo Corporation: Release the new G3 Phase ID

Origo New Third Generation G3 Field Probe and Base Station


We are on our seventh year promoting the Origo phase ID system and have sold many systems to the different power companies throughout Australia. The original G1 Field Probe was a large and relatively heavy unit which cost many thousands of dollars. The NEW G3 is a lot more affordable and offers seamless connection and instant phase identification.

The NEW G3 offers better connection to your mobile devices

The NEW Base station is more compact and uses LAN connection making it simpler to connect to the included phase ID software. The G3 uses a new version of Bluetooth for connection between field PC  and the base station via cellular phone net or can be used with a satellite phone in remote areas, which gives the operator instant identification of the phase he has read.