Rycom Clampmitter version 2.0

Rycom Clampmitter version 2.0

Last year Rycom released the Clampmitter. This was an innovative product for the utility industry. The type of product that makes you want to think why didn’t I think of that. While popular the two biggest requests with the clampmitter were to make it more water resistant. This was when placing in pits full of water. The second request was to be able to control the clamp while in the Pit. Rycom Clampmitter version 2.0 has addressed these two major thinks

It now has better water protection as it uses a magnetic pick up for charging so no chance of moisture getting in from the charge port. The new Clampmitter APP for IOS and Android allows you to control frequency and power from your phone.

I must say I have tested this a few times and am impressed at how far you can go and still operate the Clampmitter from the APP. This is a must have tool for any utility operators and once you own one you will wonder how you lived without it.

The first versions will be in 165mm (6.5 inch) followed by the 106mm (4.2 Inch). We are also doing some super specials on the last remaining stock of the first version.

The Clampmitter can also used as low power induction unit on cables down poles, simply lean it up against the cable. In a test I was able to change frequency and power by the iOS APP at around 30 – 40 metres (line of site). I was able to detect the cable at least 50 -60 metres. I did not go any further but still had a good enough signal to continue.

You can also use it to direct connect to services with around 3 metre extension cable which we will start to include in the kit soon.