Gas Tracker 2

Gas Tracker 2

I have always believed from our first demonstration that this product worked extremely well with locating those very difficult 20 mm + lines from Meter to house, especially when the trace wire is broken or installed incorrectly. Normally I would suggest GPR technology in most circumstances but in a lot of cases the soil types inhibit confidently locating small gas lines.

Once connected the Gas Tracker 2 can pick up the service using and any phone running Android as a display connected to the special ground Receiver.

With testing done and our first successful training session with Jemena & Zinfra. We now hope to see the use of the Gas Tracker 2 with more professional operators or Gas Contractors, who should be able to utilise this unit in the field.

I have seen locate and Gas contractors spend hours at a high cost to the client. The Gas Tracker 2 really streamlines and speeds up the safe location of gas services reducing costs for damages.


PLEASE NOTE: You must be a trained and authorised gas fitter to be able to use the Gas Tracker 2 with the various gas networks and have authorisation to use the product on there networks.